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Section 4 - League Games

Game conditions MAY be changed to compensate for unique, isolated situations, which may arise. Such changes MUST be written on the score sheet and SIGNED by either BOTH coaches or managers BEFORE THE GAME STARTS. This will include curfew arenas.

  1. Entourage: Each team shall be accompanied at all league games by an adult coach and/or manager.
  2. Conduct: Team officials shall be responsible for the conduct of their teams before, during, and after league games: particularly in regard to the use of dressing rooms. Incidents of damage or other conduct prohibited by these Rules and Regulations, the rules and regulations of MAHA or USA or by law should be brought to the attention of the ACHL Conduct Committee. Member associations shall be held responsible for damages or other loss caused by their teams.
  3. Spectators: In order to achieve the objective of teaching good sportsmanship to our players, it is imperative that spectators conduct themselves appropriately. Each member association shall take action to insure that spectators are not abusive to officials, players, team officials, or other spectators.
  4. Home Team: The home team shall furnish Official game pucks, a timer and scorekeeper, ACHL score sheets, and at least one hour of ice with adequate dressing room facilities for each team. Score sheets shall list all registered players' status if absent, suspended, etc. Where uniform colors are similar, the home team shall supply and wear numbered or see through pull-over or scrimmage vests.
  5. Standings:All league games will be determined by 2 points = win; 1 point = a tie; 0 points = loss
  6. Referees Referee's who are immediate relatives to players shall not officiate in games in which their relatives play. Teams securing referees must ensure no relationship exists in advance of team travel to games. Exceptions only granted when opposing team agrees in writing on the game score sheet. (Immediate relative means: brothers, fathers, sisters, or mothers of home team members or staff.)
  7. Rules:
    League games shall be played in accordance with the rules as set forth by the USA as amended by MAHA except as modified herein:
    1. All Mite through Midget games shall consist of at least (3) 10-minute STOP-TIME periods. If in a curfew arena at the end of the allotted time the game is over.

    2. Penalty Times: Players in all divisions shall be assessed 2 minutes for minor penalties, 5 minutes for major penalties, and 10 minutes for misconduct penalties.
    3. Game Start, Warm-ups: The time listed in the ACHL schedule shall be the time that both teams are to take the ice. A (reasonable) warm-up period shall be allowed both teams (whether or not they are on the ice) commencing at the designated starting timer or at the time the Ice becomes available, whichever is later. The home team is responsible for providing ice time commencing no later than 10 minutes after the time which appears in the ACHL schedule, unless otherwise agreed by both coaches. When there is doubt the official time of day shall be that as provided by the tape-recorded time service of the telephone company.
    4. Game Misconduct A player or coach who receives a penalty requiring sitting out a game or a review board action before returning to active status shall be suspended for at least his team's next league game. MAHA and USA rules apply to non-league games in addition to the Adray League suspension. This covers game misconduct, gross misconduct and match penalties.
    5. Game Confirmation, Makeup's: Teams are expected to confirm all games. Failure to confirm and subsequent failure to appear may result in forfeiture. Failure to appear as scheduled because of adverse traffic and/or weather conditions necessitates that the game be made up within 30 days.
    6. Refusal to Compete: Refusal to compete in any scheduled game is considered to be immediate resignation from the league. Said team will be dropped from all subsequent league activities and the member association from which said team is a part of will be responsible for any expenses that are incurred by any opposing teams due to a team refusing to compete, furthermore it is highly recommended that all member associations will not schedule any games with a team that refuses to compete. A team that drops out of league play after the start of league play will be considered as refusing to compete. The member association could also face possible league expulsion for the remainder of the season and will have to apply for membership into the league the following season.
    7. Cancelled Games: Cancelled games MUST be made up within 30 days. Exception: (Playoffs). Games cancelled In January must be made up by the date of the last scheduled game in conference (group) play. At the time a team requests cancellation of a game; a make-up time and date should be arranged. Teams not able to reach accord on a make-up date must call the Division Coordinator for that division within seven (7) days of the cancellation for determination of a make-up date.
    8. Time Outs: Time outs are NOT permitted in any regular season or playoff game.
    1. A protested game MUST be noted immediately to opposing coach and game Official (at next stoppage of play) and on the score sheet at the end of the game. The signature of protesting team official and nature of protest must appear on the League copy of the score sheet.
    2. Formal Protest must be filed (postmarked) within 24 hours of the incident with copies to each Protest Comm. (Conduct Comm.) member and a copy to your ACHL Director, the opponent's ACHL Director and the opposing coach. All Suburban League protests must be filed with the teams Suburban League Director. A copy of the score sheet must be included.
    3. A $50.00 refundable fee (at the discretion of the Conduct Committee Chairman) must accompany the protest, made in check form to the ACHL and included with the protest copy sent to the Chairman of the Conduct Committee.
    4. The Conduct Committee will investigate the protest, rule on it and notify, in writing, all parties involved.
    5. Referee on-ice decisions can not be protested.
  10. If an Association or Team wishes to appeal a Conduct Committee or Executive Committee decision, the appeal must be presented to the League Vice President. A simple majority of Directors present and voting will determine if the appeal is approved or denied.. Action on such appeals is final. Any appeal of a Conduct Committee decision must be made in writing to the League President within one week of the announcement of the decision. In order to preserve as far as possible the integrity of amateur hockey, and recourse to the courts or legal action by an ACHL member or individual(s) associated with a member team (A, AA or B House Program) before all of the right of the Constitution, By-laws and Rules and Regulations of this association shall have been exhausted, shall be ungentlemanly conduct entailing the immediate suspension and disqualification of any member or individual(s).


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