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Adray Community Hockey League Championship Game Rules

MARCH 17, 18, and 19 2017


1. All scheduled games will be played according to MAHA/USA Hockey playing rules.

2. All scheduled games will be played according to the schedule published. There are no exceptions.  If a team fails to participate in anyChampionship games, the head coach and coaching staff will be suspended from league play the following season as per the Adray By-laws.

3. All teams are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to any scheduled playoff game and be ready to start the game 10 minutes prior to posted game times.

4. Home team wears white, visitor team wears dark.

5. First team listed on Tournament schedule is the Home Team, except Championship game - highest seeded team is Home Team.

6. Protest fee of $50.00.  Referee on-ice decisions are not eligible for protest.  If a game is protested, it must be stopped and the protest made to the referee who will make sure the protest information is relayed to the other team and noted on the score sheet.  At the end of the game, each coach must sign the score sheet nothing there is a protest.  Protests will be ruled on by the Adray Vice-President and acting Tournament Official.

7. All games will be played using the following rules:

If there is a 6 goal or greater lead going into or during the 3rd period there will be a running clock.  If the goal differential during the 3rd period goes below 6, then a stopped clock will resume.

There are no Time-outs in round robin play, each team is allowed one(one-Minute) time out in the semi finals and championship games..                 

8. Points for Tournament scoring:
1.  2 points for a win
2.  1 point for a tie
3.  0 points for a loss 

9. In the case of a tie in total points after Round Robin games the following will be used to break the tie:
1.  The outcome of the game between the two tied teams played winner advances
2.  The difference between goal for and goals against.  The highest positive total advances
3.  Most goals scored in the tournament.  Highest positive total advances.
4.  The first goal scored in the game the two teams played, that team advances.
10. In the event of a 3 team ties, then only the games played between the tied teams will be used in the preceding formula.  If still tied, then all games played in the tournament will be used.

11. A championship game or semi-final game that is tied at the end of regulation time will conclude in the following way:
1.  One 5 on 5, 5 minute sudden death overtime period
2.  Shootout 3 players from each team, best score of the 3 players win.  If still tied after the 3 players, then sudden death shootout between teams one player at a time, no player may repeat in shootout until all players have shot, then the order will remain the same as the first round

**  Any game misconduct penalty incurred during the Tournament games will result in the player or coach being suspended from the next Tournament game.


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